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Is that a whistle I hear?! Sounds like our train is arriving! Make sure you’ve got your tickets, or at least, your app ready with the tickets… come on it isn’t the 90’s anymore, dad. We’ll grab some coffee and snacks on the train while we’re on our way to Boston! And then we can take the T from there, I think it’s the Green Line? Red Line? Eh, we’ll figure it out when we get to our stop! 

In many parts of the world – including much of the northeast and New England (hey, that’s us!) in particular, trains are a quick, easy, and effective way of getting around! In both Boston and New York City in the northeast, the NYC Subway and the T are essential to city life. Beyond the cities are national and regional trains that link everything together! 

So, get on that train and come join us in Boston this January, for Anthro New England 2023: Trains! 

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