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Thank you for taking an interest in being a part of our wonderful Anthro New England con staff! Our team is committed to giving our attendees the best experience possible. As such, we hold our staff to a very high standard.

ANE staff roles are volunteer positions, but there are rewards for being staff – read on to see what staffing a con entails as well as what benefits come along with the positions.

Please review the below information in full before submitting an application – it’s important you understand the full extent of what your role entails!

ANE Staff members all hugging
  • Anthro New England staffers are held to a standard of behavior above our attendees. You must have a good attitude, be willing to work as part of a team, and be able to communicate!
  • Anthro New England staffers are expected to work for a significant part of each day at the convention. Generally a minimum of eight hours per day is typical. Exceptions include those roles that put in similar hours before the convention.
  • Prospective staff members should have a general idea of what position they feel they would fit in, even if that position is “general support person.”
  • Prospective staff members should be prepared to attend online meetings ahead of the convention; we do not require that you attend every meeting, and meetings are not very frequent, but these are helpful to keep all staffers informed.

Being a staffer is a commitment and is not for everyone! Volunteer positions are always available if you still want to pitch in but would prefer a lower-commitment role. If you are interested, however, please peruse our open positions below!


As our convention grows, we are constantly in need of more hands to run the show!
Please read our open staff positions, listed here.

There are two tiers of staff: seasonal and core.

  • Core roles are either specialized roles that need a specific set of skills (eg. Safety, A/V) or roles that require a degree of leadership. In these roles you are expected to put in 20+ hours over the course of the year, whether at-con or leading up in preparation. As a thank-you for your work, you will be provided space in a compensated staff hotel room, free registration, a staff t-shirt, catered hotel lunch each day of the convention, early access to the dealer’s den and main events, and a staff pin.

  • Seasonal roles are great for those who want to give back to Anthro New England, but still want to enjoy the majority of the convention! In these roles you are expected to put in 12-20 hours over the course of the convention (and in limited cases, leading up in preparation.) As a thank you for your work, you will be provided free registration, a staff t-shirt, catered hotel lunch each day of the convention, and a staff pin.

As an assistant to the Head of Con Ops and their Lead Assistant, you will be the extra set of hands needed to make convention operations run smoothly!

You may be responsible for the following:

  • checking sponsor/patron tickets and handing out their gifts
  • answering convention-related questions
  • checking in special guests
  • monitoring the chill & stimulation rooms
  • being the runner between departments

If you have excellent customer service skills and want to help out the convention behind the scenes, this is a great opportunity!


Help us run a comfortable gaming space for board games. As Games Room staff, you will be responsible to help set up and take down equipment and signage, monitor the room for attendee compliance to room guidelines, and facilitate lending of games through recording items lent to the convention, and checking in and out borrowed items. Knowledge of board games is a plus, but not strictly required. This position will require an at-con commitment of 16-20 hours, and is considered a Seasonal Staff position. 

The Panels department staff is responsible for the coordination of panelists as well as attendees. Some of the responsibilities of the department staff might include helping set up a room with the panelist, helping with resetting the room after a panel has concluded, answering questions, checking badges and possibly helping with getting people in and out of panel rooms safely. This is considered a seasonal position.
Looking for someone who is knowledgeable in MA2 or HOG4 Programming and Operation, and is capable of building a show from the ground up. This person would be responsible for lighting for all Main Stage Level events which includes: Dragons Dojo, Animal Music, Digi-Fest, etc. Additional experience with related AV equipment/practices is a plus.
Looking for someone who has experience in filming, and is comfortable with using cameras remotely. This person will be primarily responsible for managing the PTZ Cameras in Main Stage, for major events. Additional experience with related AV equipment/practices is a plus.
Volunteer Department staff responsibilities cover communication and coordination of at-con volunteers. This involves reviewing volunteer requests, creating a schedule, and then adapting to changes in the volunteer schedule at con. Good communication skills, customer service skills, and the ability to adapt to a shifting situation are important for this position, and familiarity with excel or google sheets is a plus!
Our Con Store is looking for staffers to help us sell convention merchandise! This team also helps our Con Store lead decide on what merchandise we provide at the convention. This position has daytime hours during the convention that align with our Dealers Den. Experience in retail preferred, but not required – must be comfortable handling money and providing excellent customer service. This position requires an at-con commitment of 16-20 hours, and is considered a seasonal position.

Convention safety staff are one of the major faces of Anthro New England, and are primarily considered a customer service role. Safety staff will be expected to familiarize themselves with Anthro New England policies and procedures, venue layout, schedule, etc; and be expected to answer attendee questions as they arise. Additionally, safety staff will have responsibilities for crowd management such as badge checking, line management, elevator management, etc. Most safety staff will be on scheduled routine patrols throughout the convention function space, and will be expected to respond to various incidents as they arise, and either handle them, or escalate them to their shift lead as appropriate. 

Safety staff will be expected to be able to take and log comprehensive incident reports digitally, manage sensitive information, manage the Anthro New England lost and found, etc.


  • Developed problem solving skills
  • Relaxed and friendly attitude
  • Understanding of incident escalation
  • Basic understanding of google drive suite of products
  • Ability to act and prioritize incidents in stressful, high pressure situations
  • Ability to react to new issues on the fly
  • Ability to be forceful but polite with attendees and general public for crowd control

Medical team staff are responsible for the physical health and wellbeing of all Anthro New England attendees and team members. Medical staff must have a professional background in, and/or training in the medical field. Primarily medical staff will be responsible for managing and maintaining the infirmary during convention hours under the guidance and direction of a medical technician, however may be expected to fill the role of general safety staff as well if necessary.


  • Background and/or formal training in the medical field or emergency response (Lifeguard, Emergency Medical Responder, NREMT Certification, etc.)
  • Current CPR certification required.
  • Familiarity with crowd control preferred.
  • Relaxed and friendly attitude
  • Ability to act and prioritize incidents in stressful, high pressure situations
  • Understanding of attendee privacy
  • Ability to exhibit discretion around potentially sensitive medical issues
  • Comfortable interfacing with first responders (City of Boston EMS, Fire, Police, etc.)

We’re looking for detail oriented individuals with customer service experience for seasonal Registration Staff for ANE 2024. Staffers will be expected to work between 10-15 hours during the convention with additional perks past 15 hours! Staffers will be trained on the ANE Registration software and will help check-in attendees and administer badges as well as answer any general knowledge questions during check-in.

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