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Jam Zones!


Jam Zones are areas around the convention hotel, marked off with yellow tape and delineated by signage. These are spaces for attendees and guests to perform on their instrument any time the space is open.


We provide the space, you provide everything else!

We encourage collberation! Signs will have sliders to indicate if you are open to other musicians joining you, or if you would rather do your own performance.

We are not liable for any damages to instruments or equipment; playing in open conspace is at your own risk.

Please be respectful of time. Jams should be no longer than an hour at a time, so we can provide space for any and all musicians!

Stay within the taped-off area. To limit traffic flow issues, the spaces we’ve provided will be in tucked-in corners, so try not to venture outside that!

Be respectful of volume. Amplification will be allowed in certain jam spaces, however, if you can be heard from the ballrooms or panel rooms, staff will ask you to turn down or end the performance.

No merchandise can be sold, nor can tips be taken. Feel free to hand out business cards, advertise your social media, or anything else of that nature! If you are offered a tip, we suggest you point that generosity towards our charity!

Staff may end a jam for any reason, including but not limited to excessive noise, crowd size, or monopolization of space.

For questions, concerns, or feedback, please email [email protected]!

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