February 20th - 23rd, 2020

Boston Park Plaza Hotel


Anthro New England began as an idea in Dec 2013, with the goal of bringing a furry convention to the Boston area. The first Anthro New England took place in 2015, and so ANE 2020 will be our sixth convention! Here at ANE, we strive to celebrate all that is wonderful and unique about the fandom: art, fursuits, music, dance, writing, crafts, charity work and more. We wish to create a place where everyone feels safe to express themselves, make new friends and have a fun time with lasting memories. Welcome to Anthro New England, where we celebrate everyone that makes this fandom WICKED AWESOME!

For Anthro New England 2020, we decided to go with the obvious, and select the “Roaring Twenties” as our theme. The 1920s were a time of economic prosperity and a focus on creative endeavors. Jazz music and dance crazes swept the nation, black and white cartoons began to leap out with color and sound, fashion focused more on comfort while also getting more bold and imaginative, baseball took off as America’s favorite sport with legends like Babe Ruth rising up, and much more. We hope that at ANE 2020 we can take inspiration from this time period and all let our creativity and imagination take hold and dance the nights away, so please join us for a roaring good time!


Boston’s Annual Furry Convention

Every year, furries - fans of anthropomorphic characters - gather to have fun, share knowledge, and help local charities. We invite you to join us, come see what we’re all about!

Photo by Yeentography