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The Ball is Rolling on ANE 2023!

ANE 2022 Fursuit Photo

The next train to Anthro New England is now approaching!

From everyone on ANE staff, thanks for considering visiting our convention!

This year has been amazing so far, with preparations for the convention well underway.  We’re so excited to get the ball rolling on registration and hotel rooms, both of which will be happening this month — in fact, as you may have seen us announce on social media, registration opens today at noon EDT!

If you visit our registration page, you’ll notice we have revamped our tier system — we have done away with our “super sponsor” tier in favor of adding an exclusive new higher tier called Patron, for folks who want to go above and beyond to help the convention! While limited to only 50 people this year, we hope to use the additional funding in future years to improve in various departments, from bringing even cooler A/V features to our events spaces, improving our technical infrastructure across the con, and helping us deliver more benefits to those who put massive amounts of time and energy into making this convention incredible. The Westin has many cool features that we want to make sure we capitalize on if possible to bring the best experience to our attendees!

You’ll notice that some of the perks are listed as TBA; this is because we’re in the process of confirming those perks with vendors. We will update that page as soon as we have that information, but rest assured if you are a Sponsor or Patron, you’ll be taking home some pretty neat stuff!

Speaking of the Westin itself, we’ve received a few questions about hotel rooms — our room block will be opening later this month! Keep an eye on social media for the exact date, which will be announced soon. ANE allows dealers to book rooms first, and that process is underway now; once they’ve been given a chance to secure space, we’ll open that link to everyone. We will have information about room costs up on our site shortly.

From an events perspective, we’re super excited to highlight some incredible talent from around the fandom this year; in addition to featuring a dance competition, we are adding a “floor wars” style event (with a very cool name TBA soon!) in addition to adding a variety show for skilled performers to show off their stuff in a slightly longer format. We’ll still also feature our ‘Animal Music’ performance of various bands, and our Talent Show as always! That’s not all though, so keep an eye out for announcements about the other various events we’re planning!

We’ll see you in January – stay tuned to this page and our social media for further updates!

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