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A group of fursuiters, posing for a photo in Boston
[gem_divider margin_top="90"] BACK TO THE 90'S [gem_divider margin_top="30"] HOSTED AT THE HISTORIC BOSTON PARK PLAZA HOTEL IN BOSTON, MA February...

QUICK QUESTIONS. Anthro New England is only possible thanks to our dedicated volunteers. Thank you for taking time to see…

Programming & Events

THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET INTERESTING. So, you’ve got a bunch of like-minded people, all gathered in one place. And…

Exhibitor Info
Anthro New England EXHIBITOR INFORMATION Last revised August 13, 2021 Introduction Anthro New England is required to provide the Massachusetts...
Welcome back, Anthro New England!

Howdy everyone! I’m Remy, and as Anthro New England’s convention chair I’d like to welcome you to our freshly refurbished website for our 2022 event! Our webmaster Atlas deserves all kinds of props for putting this site together – he worked very hard on migrating our site to a new platform during the pandemic, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it looks fantastic!

Dealers’ Den & Artists’ Alley

WORTH WAITING IN LINE FOR. The big room, you know – that room? With all of the wonderful, creative vendors,…

Guests of Honor

RECOGNISING THE CREATIVITY OF THE FANDOM. Every year, Anthro New England chooses and invites several Guests of Honor to be…

Boston Public Garden
Hotel & Location

WELCOME TO BOSTON.WELCOME TO THE WESTIN BOSTON SEAPORT. Anthro New England is moving to the Westin Boston Seaport District hotel…