Fursuit Photo & Parade


The annual Fursuit Photo & Parade are back! Here’s everything you need to know about participating in them.

Saturday, January 21, 2023.

The process will begin with the Fursuit Photo in the Grand Ballroom. 

  • 11:30 AM: The Grand Ballroom doors open. You can start lining up for the Fursuit Photo. Please arrive as early as possible!
  • 12:30 PM: The Grand Ballroom doors close. If you arrive after the doors close but still want to participate in the Fursuit Parade, we will have you wait in the Zoo (Commonwealth A/B) next door until we’re done taking the Fursuit Photo. 
  • 12:35 PM: We will take the Fursuit Photo.
  • 12:40 PM: The Fursuit Parade will start shortly after the Fursuit Photo. 
  • 2:00 PM: We expect that everyone will have returned from the Parade by now. We estimate it will take ~20 minutes to complete the Parade; your completion time will depend on when you leave the Grand Ballroom.

The Fursuit Photo is a massive group photo of (almost) all of the fursuiters at ANE!

Anyone wearing a fursuit or animal costume/cosplay is eligible to participate in the Fursuit Photo. If you are not participating in the Photo, we will ask you to step outside the Grand Ballroom at 12:30 PM while we take the Photo.


If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

  1. Drink water before participating in the Parade!
  2. Avoid stopping. If you need to stop for any reason, please step to the side.
  3. No running. We don’t want you to trip or fall! Please walk at a leisurely pace to ensure the Parade continues moving. It’s not an issue if you fall behind; this is a parade, not a race.
  4. No flagpoles or signs. They pose a safety hazard and may obstruct other fursuiters or damage hotel property. Flags worn as capes or held in your hands are fine.
  5. Stay on the route. You are welcome to explore Boston and the Seaport District on your own, but you must follow the route when participating in the Parade.

The Fursuit Parade route has two sections, outdoors (marked in red) and indoors (marked in blue). The entire route is about 1/2 mile long. You should expect to finish the complete route in ~20 minutes. Keep in mind that you will have to wait for people to exit the Main Ballroom.

There will be ANE staff positioned along the route. They will be wearing neon yellow reflective vests. If you need any assistance during the Parade, feel free to ask them.

At the end of the route, you are free to head to your next destination, but we ask that you keep the lobby clear so traffic keeps moving. ANE staff will direct you to a fursuit lounge or the elevators.

Unlike many fursuit parades, the majority of our Fursuit Parade is outdoors! That means there are additional safety considerations that you should keep in mind.

The route follows the sidewalk around the hotel. There will be dirt, leaves, and other hazards. If it has rained recently, there may be puddles and mud. ANE staff will attempt to clear any hazards before the Parade starts, but we cannot guarantee that the path will be completely clean. Please keep this in mind if you have footpaws that you do not want to get dirty.

The route crosses one street (as marked on the map). It is a low-traffic street used only to access the parking garage and loading dock, but there will still be traffic. ANE staff will help you safely cross the street. Please follow their directions!

If you do not want to go outdoors, we invite you to join our spectators at any point along the route.

If you are not walking in the Fursuit Parade, we welcome you to spectate at any point along the route! Please keep any entrances and hallways clear and allow people to pass by. If you are spectating from the sidewalk, please stand on the inside of the sidewalk (the side closer to the hotel) so there is sufficient space for fursuiters and other pedestrians to pass.

We’ll be monitoring the weather through Saturday morning. Unfortunately, if the weather conditions are unsuitable, we will cancel the Fursuit Parade. We are unable to delay, reroute, or reschedule the Parade.

If we have to cancel the Fursuit Parade, the decision will be announced by Saturday at 11:30 AM on all of our social media platforms. The Fursuit Photo will happen as scheduled.