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Registration Policy


Last revised JANUARY 9TH, 2024

Upon the attendee reporting the loss of a badge issued by Anthro New England; the first course of action to be taken is inputting the lost badge information into a staff-access spreadsheet to be cross-referenced if the aforementioned badge has been turned into Con Safety. The information should include the following:

  • Badge display name
  • Badge number
  • Registration Tier
  • Additional attachments/ribbons, and other signifying markers, if applicable.
  • Contact Information of the attendee (for the use of contacting them in the event their original badge is found)

Communication will be shared with the Anthro New England Safety Department to determine if the respective badge has been turned into the designated Lost and Found inventory.

If so, the attendee will be required to provide a valid form of acceptable identification that matches the previously approved fields when the original badge issued at Registration. They will then be given direction to the Lost and Found inventory to reclaim their missing badge.

If the badge is determined NOT to be found or in the Lost and Found inventory at the time of reporting and the purchaser requests reprinting of a badge; they are to be issued a maximum of one replacement badge. The respective attendee will be required to make a refundable-deposit of $20 for the issuance of a new badge. This badge is to be marked with an identifier that will indicate that it is a second-issued badge.

In the event the original badge is located and returned to the purchaser after notifying them, the deposit is to be refunded immediately and the second-issued badge is to be terminated and disposed of.
If Anthro New England Department of Safety is to find and determine that both badges are in use at the same time that the second-issued badge has been circulated, corrective action may be taken against any violator for fraudulent behavior and may be subject to being removed and denied access from Anthro New England convention space.


When picking up your badge from Registration, in order for a prospective attendee to make a valid purchase of a badge at their respective registration tier, they are required to display a form of identification. The document used for identification must meet the following stipulations:

  • Must be a government-issued identification containing:
    • Legal name
    • Date of Birth
    • Photo matching the prospective attendee

Common forms of ID meeting these requirements include but are not limited to Driver’s Licenses, Non-Driver Photo Identification from the state of Residence, Passports, and Common Access Cards (U.S. DoD and Federal Employment Identification).

In the event the prospective attendee lacks an ID with all three of these requirements, Anthro New England will also accept forms of government-issued identification with the legal name and date of birth such as a copy of a birth certificate or social security card, IN ADDITION TO a non-government form of identification with a photo matching the prospective attendee such as a Student ID or Work Badge. We HIGHLY encourage prospective attendees using the alternate forms of identification to use a COPY of their important documents, (i.e birth certificate, social security card, etc).

In the event the prospective attendee is a minor and under the age to require the attendance of a parent/guardian and has NOT been issued a government photo ID; the parent/guardian MUST provide a properly filled out Minor Consent Form AS WELL AS their own approved identification listed above in order to attend Anthro New England. They MUST be in attendance with the minor at all times.

In the event the prospective attendee is a minor and over the age of 16, they MUST provide any of the above mentioned forms of identification AS WELL AS provide a properly completed AND NOTARIZED Minor Consent Form.


From the date of purchase, up until Sunday, January 14th, 2024, a prospective attendee may request a refund in full in the event they will not be able to attend Anthro New England. Refunds will be returned to the original form of payment, and usually will be available within 5-7 business days of the date of refund.

Anthro New England will NO LONGER OFFER REFUNDS after Sunday, January 14th, 2024. If a prospective attendee does not show up at the convention and reaches out to Anthro New England staff with a reason as to why (funeral, sickness, etc), they will be offered the chance to roll over their purchased attendance at the same tier in which it was purchased for the following year’s convention. Refunds will not be given out automatically to those who did not attend.

In the event a performer or staff member requests a refund post-convention operations, this refund request is to be granted on a case by case basis, per the approval of the required department.

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