Our Guests of Honor:



NL (E. Maute), also known as "Cinna", is a digital artist originally from Buffalo, N.Y. and currently living in Lexington, Ky. with their partner, cat Pyka, and husky, Boon.

They have been drawing for as long as they can remember and are mostly self taught, outside a few art and design classes in high school and college. They have always been drawn to animals as subject matter and enjoy depicting a wide range of emotions and expressions through all of their work.

NL has used bright colors and bold lines to create a style that reflects their creativity and perspective. Around 2005 NL began exploring digital art and comics, which eventually lead them to the vibrant, active, and always interesting anthropomorphic art community. Since 2008, furry art has been a central part of their life and career, providing part time income during college and a full time profession afterwards.

They have been working under the NowandLater name on Furaffinity since 2012 and have used furry commission work as their main source of income for nearly 10 years. They hope to continue working close with the furry fandom for many years to come and improve both their craft and business alongside exploring new ways to tell stories and ideas through their art. NL currently offers a wide variety of digital art, with a main staple being stickers for the chat client Telegram.

[For more information visit their FurAffinity page]

Rabbit Valley® Comics:


Rabbit Valley Comics started back in the late 1990s when Lance Rund and Chris McKinley needed somewhere to sell their amazing comic, Associated Student Bodies, when the then current distributor decided to retire. Rabbit Valley is one of the oldest and largest publishing and distribution houses in the furry fandom, catering exclusively to fans of anthropomorphic works. In addition to publishing their own works including anthologies, art books, comics, CDs, DVDs, furry magazines, novels, and other cool stuff, Rabbit Valley carries titles from many publishers in the furry fandom including Antarctic Press, FurPlanet, InkedFur, Jarlidium Press, Radio Comix, Sofawolf Press, The Tai-Pan Project, YARF, and many more. Additionally, many independent, self-published authors distribute through Rabbit Valley making it a one-stop shop for furry publications. It is the mission of Rabbit Valley Comics to provide the best in anthropomorphics.

Sean Rabbitt:

Sean Rabbitt is the co-owner and founder of Rabbit Valley Comics. Contrary to popular belief, "Rabbitt" is, and always has been, Sean's real last name. Born a small fuzzy critter with long ears who has been always chased and almost eaten, he decided that a predator would make a good husband. He’s been married to his fox since 2004, enjoys a life of keeping the world food supply safe as his second job, and is amazed he has still not been eaten.

Andrew Rabbitt:

Andrew Rabbitt is the other co-owner of Rabbit Valley Comics and plays an arctic fox on the internet and at conventions. He has been involved in the furry fandom since 1995 and has been assisting his loving husband, Sean, with Rabbit Valley since 1999. If you have placed an order through the website chances are he picked, packed, and shipped it to you. Outside of the fandom the Fox enjoys cooking, cleaning, and maintaining house and home as well as experimenting with various things automotive.