Host a panel or event at Anthro New England 2019.

Anthro New England's schedule relies on you. Attendee-run panels and events create a furry convention that everyone can enjoy - from workshops to meetups, from dance battles to tours of Boston.

Have an idea for an event or panel?
Submit it here. We'll get back to you shortly to talk about it!

When is the last day to submit?
Panels are due by 11:59pm EST on Nov 1, 2018 (But please submit ASAP, to help us plan).

Questions about submitting a panel?
Check out the Panel Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

A catchy and descriptive name for your panel
Either your real or furry name
This can be either a twitter account, an email, an instagram, or whatever method of contact you prefer panel attendees use; this method of contact will be tied to your panel description on the ANE online schedule.
Note: telegram handle is acceptable as well if you have telegram calling enabled.
If your panel is selected, this is the description that will go in the online schedule.
New this year, we are introducing panel tracks! Please select the track you believe best fits your panel.
How long do you see your panel taking?
Day Preference *
Please be as flexible as possible. This helps us better schedule panels.
Time Preference *
What times would you prefer to host your panel.
While we very much welcome and encourage first-time panel runners, sometimes the panels we have submitted to our convention involve sensitive topics or topics that require formal knowledge, training or expertise. (for example: a panel about running a small business run by someone who knows how to operate a small business!) What training/expertise/knowledge do you and/or your panelists have that qualifies you to speak on your topic?
Room Setup Requests
Any requirements not listed in this section should go in the "additional information" section. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to meet your needs based on resource availability and reasonableness of your request.
If you have additional panelists, please list their names and emails here, separated by commas.
This can include any additional information about your panel that you think would be useful for ANE's events staff to know. This can also include alternate programming time lengths and unique needs your panel may have that were not covered in the last section.
Terms *
I understand that by submitting this application, I am designating myself as the team leader and head panelist, and the primary point of contact for this panel. I further understand that if I need to add or change panelists for this event, I will need to contact the Panels department, and may be required to provide justification, which will be approved at the sole discretion of Anthro New England staff.

Panel Guidelines

For a panel to be included in Anthro New England’s programming, you must submit it through the form above. From there, our Events Team will review, reach out, and approve or deny the panel.

Panels will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. If you submit your panel early, you have greater odds of being approved and getting an ideal time slot. Anthro New England will not keep a panel wait-list if all time slots fill.

Your panel or event may be denied for a variety of reasons, though denials usually occur because of one of the following:

  • Someone has already submitted a panel that achieves the same results
  • The panel would be problematic in the Boston Park Plaza

All acceptance or denial decisions lie solely in the hands of Anthro New England’s Events Team. If your panel is denied, the Events Team may ask you to re-work some aspects in order to be reconsidered.

On your submission form, you need to clearly request any equipment you would like Anthro New England to provide, since some panel rooms will be equipped with audio and visual equipment. While we do our best to help all our panelists, our Events Team will reach out if we cannot lend you the equipment you requested.

Anthro New England can never provide the following equipment:

  • Computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices
  • Cables, connectors, or adapters
  • Internet access beyond what is publicly available at the hotel
  • Pens, pencils, paper, signs, or stands

Please keep in mind that you cannot charge your panel attendees money. If you are providing services in your panel that require payment, work with our Events Team to see if it is appropriate.

You cannot serve or pass out food or beverages, including soda, snacks, baked goods, or anything else consumable.