How to use our schedule app

We’ve built you a nice, easy-to-use schedule!

Simply scroll down and click on any events that catch you eye to get more info about them.
Click on the icon within the event tile to pull up a map of its location.

In the nav bar at the bottom of the page…

Click the and buttons to expand and collapse all schedule entries, respectively.
Click the icon and select your areas of interest, to only display panels of the type you’re interested in. (Deselect all filters to resume showing the full schedule).
Click the icon and select a time-slot to easily navigate directly to it. Alternatively, you may click on any time-slot within the schedule for the same effect.
Click on the 18 button to hide and show adults-only panels.
Lastly, click on the icon to bring up a full map of the event.

if you have an older DEVICE or wish to have a printed copy...

If you have any questions, tweet us at @Anthro_NE or email!