Security Staff

While we pride ourselves on our safety protocols and response time, we also are cultivating a friendly and personal Security Staff at ANE. We want anyone and everyone to feel comfortable approaching us with any concern, no matter how big or small. Our Security Team is there to hear your concerns as much as they are there to enforce hotel and convention rules, and to be a safe zone should you feel threatened by anyone.

With ANE growing, our Team needs to grow the number of responders they have to answer the call. Be it a polite request to a noise complaint to locating a missing child, you will need to be there for your community. If this sounds like you, please let us know! Each position on Security is Core, and reports to the Security Head.

Positions available: Multiple Core Staffers

Logistics Staff

Do you like to pick things up and put them down? How about cataloging things? Then ANE has the job for you!

Seriously, we are seeking to build a Logistics Team who's main role will be to set up, and break down ANE. The team will need to be willing to start work early Thursday morning at our storage locker to load the rental truck. Then drive it to Boston, unload it and bring the sections to the teams the go to.

Then the con is yours! Well almost.... You will then be needed to move all of those boxes, totes, and TVs once again to the storage location of the hotel come Sunday night. Then on Monday morning, load up the truck, take it back to the storage locker and unpack it once again.

Trust us, it's HARD work! You will have one of the most thanked positions at ANE (at least from any of us who have done this in the past while dog tired) In return, as a Seasonal Staffer your con registration is paid for!

The Core Position of Logistics Head requires a bit more work in between cons, so it has all the perks of a Core position: Reg and a Room Share. However, you will be responsible for cataloging and maintaining the inventory of the storage locker, and the primary access point for any teams at the convention who need access to the storage room in the hotel. It is you who will also be reserving, picking up, and driving the truck to and from ANE (unless by chance you come with one).

Positions available: 5 Seasonal