ANE's Got Talent!

ANE's Got Talent is designed to provide amateur and professional performers a showcase in which to demonstrate creative talents and presentation skills. ANE's Got Talent is a non-competitive showcase of individual and group acts for the entertainment of all your fandom friends! Performers are encouraged to present and put forward a practiced and rehearsed skit, song, dance, or hidden talent. In addition, a panel of fuzzy “judges” will be there for encouragement and support!

ANE is proud to be an all-ages convention, so please use your best judgement when submitting an act! Simulation or physical suggestion of sexual acts, extreme violence, and/or deviation from the performance rehearsed in order to breach the event's rating is not permitted. Performers may choose to interact with the audience during the show with prior permission and review by the event head.

There will be a MANDATORY dress rehearsal for all ANE's Got Talent participants before the event. This rehearsal will take place on Friday, 1pm to 3pm in the main ballroom. During the rehearsal, each participant or group must provide a description and a demonstration of their performance or presentation. This is to verify that all acts are appropriate, well-rehearsed, and provide entertainment value. This rehearsal will be closed to the convention attendees, so participants need not worry about surprise costumes or acts being spoiled. If a participant cannot participate in the rehearsal for whatever reason, they must notify the ANE's Got Talent Head (@Plushderg) in advance. A performance that is not reviewed before ANE's Got Talent will not be allowed to participate.

Any reasonable requests for setup assistance before or during your act can be made prior to the performance. We're here to help! If you require assistance, please reach out to @PlushDerg at or ahead of the rehearsal.

Each performer will be permitted 1 act: we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to shine! All performances in the ANE's Got Talent must be no longer than 5 minutes without approval by the event director.

All performers must arrive one hour before the event is set to begin. This is to provide advance time to work out last minute bugs and other unexpected complications as well as a final review to provide a flawless show. Performers who fail to arrive on time will be cut from the show.

Audio and Visual media should follow these requirements:

CD Audio: One track CDs are preferred

PC Audio: MP3/WAV

Video: DVD

PC Video: QT, WMV, divx, xvid

All submissions are encouraged to be sent PRIOR to the convention weekend to the audio visual team but follow below and bring your own backup.

Media: For PC files please bring a flash drive and CD version for the best results. If one format is not available the other option may work instead. Please avoid DVD-Roms for anything other than DVD-Video.

All audio must be presented on a standard audio CD, playable on a standard CD player. If possible, please burn your audio onto a blank CD as a single track. Audio presented on a flash drive can also potentially be accommodated based on the available formats that the ANE A/V team can work with.

The ANE's Got Talent head reserves the right to refuse a performance or act for any reason. If you have any concern about the appropriateness of your act, please ask.

If you have any further questions, please email:

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