Anthro New England Dealer's Packet

Last revised June 24, 2019


Thank you for considering being a Dealer at Anthro New England! For many of our guests, a robust selection of dealers is an important part of what draws them to Anthro New England – and of course, we like to see you make money as well!

With this agreement, we want to lay out what Anthro New England’s responsibilities are, and what your responsibilities are in order to be a dealer. We might refer to Anthro New England as “ANE” to keep this short.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will do our best to get answers to you.

Happy selling!

Tables and Reservations

Reserving a Table

Dealer tables will be selected through a Juried Selection Process.

All tables can be reserved in 30” by 36” blocks (“half table”), or 30” by 72” blocks (“full table”). Each half table has one chair, and each full table has two chairs. The number of people behind each table should be limited to the number of chairs.

Additional chairs or space around the block cannot be guaranteed.

Pricing and Availability

Current pricing and availability can be located on our website,

Table Assignment

Anthro New England will assign dealers table space within the available space using the following criteria:

  1. Special Requests
    Dealers who submit special request for specific needs (wall tables for displays, etc.) will be considered for table space based on those needs on a first-come-first-serve basis. If ANE cannot facilitate dealer needs, the dealer will be contacted prior to the convention. Other special requests will be considered as we are able to provide them. No special requests are guaranteed. Special requests can be submitted while requesting a dealer’s table, or by email at

  2. No Special Requests
    Dealers without specific needs will be assigned to table space throughout the Dealer’s Den at ANE’s discretion.

*All dealers will have access to electricity


Tables can NOT be transferred between dealers. Any dealer who wishes to withdraw from table space must contact ANE at

Greater than 60 days prior to the convention

Should a dealer withdraw within this time frame, they will receive a full refund of their dealer table fees.

Less than 60 days prior to the convention

Should a dealer withdraw within this time frame, refunds are at the discretion of ANE.

Wait List

When a registered dealer withdraws from a table, the first dealer on the wait list will be contacted and offered the table. If this dealer cannot be contacted, does not reply within 7 calendar days, or refuses the table, the next dealer on the wait list will be contacted, and so on.

A dealer who cannot be contacted or does not reply within 7 calendar days will be moved to the end of the wait list, and may still be eligible to purchase a table should enough become available. A dealer who refuses a table will be removed from the wait list.

Convention Registration

In prior years, the price of a dealer table at ANE included a free basic registration for the dealer. A registration is no longer included in the price of a dealer table and must be purchased separately. All dealers MUST pre-register for the convention. A pre-registration will be required when purchasing a table.

Access to the Dealer’s Den

The Dealer’s Den will be open to convention members during Dealer’s Den hours posted in the convention schedule. Sponsoring members will have early access to the Dealer’s Den 30 minutes prior to other members.

Dealers can access the Dealer’s Den the evening before the convention begins for 4 hours to set up. Dealers also can access the Dealer’s Den 1 hour prior to and 1 hour after the Dealer’s Den hours posted in the convention schedule.

Dealer’s Assistants

Each dealer may name a small number of assistants who will have the same access to the Dealer’s Den as dealers. All assistants must be pre-registered for the convention. Dealers will be required to name their assistant in the dealers' den application.

Dealers and Dealer’s Assistants will have a specially labelled badge and members not bearing one of these badges will not be permitted in the Dealer’s Den outside of regular Dealer’s Den hours.

Dealer Display Code of Conduct

Anthro New England and the Boston Park Plaza will both strictly enforce the following Dealer Display Code of Conduct:

Convention Rating

Any and all common areas controlled by Anthro New England and the Boston Park Plaza are to be considered a “PG” rated area unless specifically labelled for mature audiences. The Dealer’s Den is included under this rule.

Mature Items Policy

Any dealer displaying or selling goods intended for mature audiences must keep these goods in a clearly labelled portfolio or other suitable storage container that is not openly viewable to the public unless specifically requested by a customer.

Mature-only Inventory

Any dealer displaying or selling goods primarily intended for mature audiences must request special permission from Anthro New England prior to the convention.

Customer Age Verification

It is the responsibility of the dealer to verify a customer’s age before releasing a mature item for viewing. Attendees that are under the age of 18 will be issued clearly labelled badges identifying them as a minor. Dealers should check the badges of all customers before releasing a mature item for viewing. Should a dealer be in doubt of a customer’s age, the dealer should ask for additional ID. Any dealer that releases a mature item to a minor without taking reasonable steps to verify that the customer is over the age of 18 will immediately have their ability to sell goods withdrawn. There will be no warnings regarding this policy.

Mature Item Bagging

Any goods sold, including but not limited to artwork, that are intended for mature audiences must be delivered to the customer in opaque packaging, such as a black bag or a folder, that obscures the mature item completely.

Intrusive or Dangerous Displays

Displays must not be unreasonably intrusive or offensive to the senses of guests or other dealers. For example:

  • If a dealer is playing a soundtrack for sale, it must be kept at a reasonable volume.

  • Scented items may not be so strong as to bother those not viewing the items directly.

  • Lighted displays should not be distracting or annoying to nearby vendors.

In addition, displays must not be dangerous. For example:

  • Candles for sale must not be lighted.

  • Heavy items that could cause injury must not be precariously placed.

Whether a display is intrusive or dangerous is at the discretion of Anthro New England or the Boston Park Plaza. If a representative of Anthro New England or the Boston Park Plaza requests you to alter your display, you must comply with that request.

Anthro New England and the Boston Park Plaza reserve the right to withdraw a dealer’s ability to display or sell goods within convention and hotel property should the Dealer Display Code of Conduct be violated at any point.

Internet Access

Anthro New England will attempt to provide basic internet access via WiFi to the Dealer’s Den. However, this service will be offered purely as a convenience and ANE makes no guarantees about the speed, reliability, security, availability, or usability of this service.

Because this service will have limited, shared bandwidth, we request at dealers refrain from using high-bandwidth applications such as video or audio streaming, in consideration of other dealers who may need to access the internet.

Anthro New England’s Responsibilities

Anthro New England will provide you with space in our Dealer’s Den so you can sell your goods and services to ANE attendees.

At no point can Anthro New England or the Boston Park Plaza guarantee the safety, security, or integrity of dealer goods, and they are not responsible for items that are lost or stolen. Anthro New England will take reasonable precautions to secure all dealer goods during sales hours and after the close of the Dealer’s Den, including securing the room after hours using a method approved by the Boston Park Plaza.

Dealer Responsibilities

As a dealer, you are responsible for accepting payments from your customers. Where applicable, you are also responsible for collecting sales tax on the goods or services that you sell.

You are also responsible for meeting any other legal requirements which may be necessary to vend at ANE.

These legal requirements may include (where appropriate) but are not limited to: registration with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue; registration with the IRS; and work permits, visas, and other requirements for non-resident dealers. You should thoroughly research the requirements to sell your goods in MA. If you have any questions, you should contact your attorney or accountant to clarify.

Anthro New England is not responsible for determining or completing federal, state, and local responsibilities on behalf of dealers. Dealers agree to hold harmless and indemnify Anthro New England, its team members, and the Boston Park Plaza from responsibility due to financial disputes between dealers and their customers, and from investigations into or penalties assessed upon dealers by federal, state, or local authorities.

Please see this document for more info:

Prohibited Items

As a dealer, you are not allowed to sell items that are prohibited for sale in Boston, MA. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • Firearms or Ammunition

  • Controlled substances

  • Video game ROMs, copies, or games otherwise modified from their original, licensed states

In addition, you are not allowed to sell food or beverages.

Acceptance of Terms

When you request a dealer’s table, you will be asked if you accept this agreement. Completing the request constitutes agreement to these terms.

ANE reserves the right to change this agreement at any time and without prior notice. ANE and the Boston Park Plaza reserve the right to revoke or deny dealer table rights at any time without refund.

In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Director of the Dealer’s Den shall be final.



Initial dealer's packet for ANE 2017


Changed contact information to

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Corrected table sizes from 30"x30" and 30"x60" to 30"x36" and 30"x72"


Clarified that dealers contacted from the wait list will have 7 calendar days to respond, or will be placed at the end of the wait list.


Updated dealer responsibilities. Added juried selection process. Updated prohibited items to include videogame ROMs/copies/mods.