Artists Alley Packet


Artists Alley Lottery

In order to distribute tables to Artist Alley exhibitors in the fairest manner for this year, we will be using a lottery system. Exhibitors may enter for any or all of the days of the convention (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).

The lottery for the Artists Alley will be online ONLY this year. This is to give Anthro New England the time necessary to get the appropriate licenses for our exhibitors and provide the appropriate legal information to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). We are required to collect all vendors' Massachusetts Tax IDs. You can find out how to get a Massachusetts Tax ID from the [Exhibitor Sales Tax Guide] ( A Massachusetts Tax ID is required for you to apply for the Artists Alley Lottery and to have a seat in the Artists Alley.

The lottery will accept entries until October 25, 2019 at 11:59pm, when it will close and the results of the lottery will be available within the following few weeks after close. The lottery will be random, and the winners will be chosen for each day of the convention separately.

Reserving a Table

If you are picked in the lottery, you can expect a 30” by 36” (“half table”) space to sell artwork. Each half table has one chair. You may not share this space with anyone else. If you are more than 30 minutes late past the opening of the Artists Alley and have not informed the Artist Alley Lead (, or leave your table for more than 30 minutes your seat will be forfeited, and your space will be offered to another exhibitor from the waitlist.


If you have applied for the Artists Alley and you cannot attend the convention, please email [] ( saying which days you are withdrawing from the Artists Alley.

Wait List

If you apply for the Artists Alley Lottery and are not selected for a seat (due to more applicants than available seats), you will be put on a wait list. When a seat becomes available we will contact you to fill the space via the phone number you provide on your Artists Alley Lottery application form or via the Artist Alley Telegram Announcement Board (

Access to the Artists Alley

Because the lottery is online, Artists that win the lottery are will have access to the Artists Alley 1 hour before the Alley opens, and 30 minutes after it closes.

First Come, First Seated

Tables will not be reserved, nor may you request to be seated in a particular location. You will be asked to seat yourself (open seating). Once you are seated, it is your responsibility to make it known that you have taken that seat if you intend to leave your seat for any amount of time.

Carry Only Policy

Exhibitors in the Artists Alley are asked to only bring what they can carry and store below them in the half table space provided. Equipment and supplies may not be stored outside of your given space, and should not obstruct foot traffic around you. At the end of each day, you will be asked to completely remove all of your belongings, including displays, regardless if you have won multiple days in the lottery. Anthro New England nor the Boston Park Plaza are not liable for the loss of your personal items or displays at any time.

Allowed items

As an exhibitor in the Artists Alley, you are limited to only selling artwork. The definition of "artwork" for the purpose of this document is:

  • Traditional medium artwork of your own making
  • Digital medium artwork of your own making
  • Prints of your own copyright and making
  • Sculpture of your own making Fursuit parts excluding full suits, and heads Customized figurines Stickers, buttons, and pins only if of your own work Custom jewelry No other items will be acceptable to sell in the Artists Alley, including merchandise. A few examples of unacceptable items would be: magnets, charms, art supplies, digital disks, and many more. It is ultimately at the discretion of the Artist Alley Lead, and if you have a concern, please feel free to reach out.

Exhibitor Display Code of Conduct

Anthro New England and the Boston Park Plaza will both strictly enforce the following Exhibitor Display Code of Conduct:

Convention Rating

Any and all common areas controlled by Anthro New England and the Boston Park Plaza are to be considered a “PG” rated area unless specifically labelled for mature audiences. The Artists Alley is included under this rule.

Mature Items Policy

Any exhibitor displaying or selling goods intended for mature audiences must keep these goods in a clearly labelled portfolio or other suitable storage container that is not openly viewable to the public unless specifically requested by a customer.

Customer Age Verification

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to verify a customer’s age before releasing a mature item for viewing. Attendees that are under the age of 18 will be issued clearly labelled badges identifying them as a minor. Dealers should check the badges of all customers before releasing a mature item for viewing. Should a dealer be in doubt of a customer’s age, the dealer should ask for additional ID. Any dealer that releases a mature item to a minor without taking reasonable steps to verify that the customer is over the age of 18 will immediately have their ability to sell goods withdrawn. There will be no warnings regarding this policy.

Mature Item Packaging

Any goods sold, including but not limited to artwork, that are intended for mature audiences must be delivered to the customer in opaque packaging, such as a black bag or a folder, which obscures the mature item completely. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to provide this packaging.

Anthro New England and the Boston Park Plaza reserve the right to withdraw an exhibitor's ability to display or sell goods within convention and hotel property should the Exhibitor Display Code of Conduct be violated at any point.

Display limitations in the Artists Alley

Because the content in the Artists Alley is limited to Artwork, displays should also be modest. No music, obtrusive lighting, or displays that exceed the half table space you are allotted, regardless of table space availability, will be allowed. Displays that use the ground space in front of your half table will be asked to be removed.

Power outlets, though they may be present, are not guaranteed to be available to Artists Alley members.

NOTE: The Anthro New England Artist Alley (AA) strives to cultivate new and growing artists and their businesses. To ensure this atmosphere remains on course, an AA representative will approve each artist's wares on a case by case basis. All items meant for AA must be self-made original artwork. Items purchased for resale are not allowed. Due to space limitations, no full fursuits are allowed to be on sale. As well, only one (1) display/shelving unit is permitted per AA spot. It is not to exceed 18" in height, width, or depth. All artists participating must be open for commissions. No storage is allowed in the AA, this means that nothing can stay in the rooms once the AA is closed, you must break down each night even if you have a spot multiple days, please plan ahead.

Exhibitors Responsibilities

As an exhibitor, you are responsible for accepting payments from your customers and making change. Where applicable, you are also responsible for collecting sales tax on the goods or services that you sell. Please see the [Exhibitor Sales Tax Guide] ( for more information. You are also responsible for meeting any other legal requirements which may be necessary to vend at ANE, with the exception of local (City of Boston) licensing.

These legal requirements may include (where appropriate) but are not limited to: registration with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue; registration with the IRS; and work permits, visas, and other requirements for non-resident dealers. You should thoroughly research the requirements to sell your goods in MA. You are also responsible for making appropriate filings or returns for MA and Federal taxes, including notification-only ("zero") returns, on the appropriate timeframe (which could be yearly, quarterly, or monthly) depending on your tax situation. If you have any questions, you should contact your attorney or accountant to clarify.

Anthro New England is not responsible for determining or completing federal, state, and local responsibilities on behalf of exhibitors beyond what is stated above. Exhibitors agree to hold harmless and indemnify Anthro New England, its team members, and the Boston Park Plaza from responsibility due to financial disputes between dealers and their customers, and from investigations into or penalties assessed upon dealers by federal, state, or local authorities.

Acceptance of Terms

When you request apply for the Artists Alley Lottery, you will be asked if you accept this agreement. Completing the request constitutes agreement to these terms.

ANE reserves the right to change this agreement at any time and without prior notice. ANE and the Boston Park Plaza reserve the right to revoke or deny dealer table rights at any time.

In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Commerce Coordinator, working with the Convention Chairman shall be final.


15-DEC-2016 Initial release.

6-AUG-2019 Updated all instances of Hyatt Regency Cambridge, to Boston Park Plaza.

6-AUG-2019 Refreshed Packet wording to reflect 2019 Conditions.