Staffing Opportunities

General Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Available for scheduled, planning meetings throughout the year
  • Kind, courteous, and professional to fellow team members and convention guests
  • Able to support and contribute in a team environment
  • Able to solve problems on the fly
  • Able to attend the convention
  • No criminal record

Gameroom Attendant

The Gameroom Attendant will be responsible for all operational aspects of the Gameroom, including:

  • Maintaining organization of game library throughout the duration of the convention
  • Assisting attendees with any and all video game troubleshooting
  • Assisting Gameroom Head in the planning and execution of all game tournaments
  • Setup and breakdown of Gameroom

The Gameroom Attendant will report to the Gameroom Head.

Panels Attendant

The Panels Attendant will work closely with the Panels Head to ensure the smooth operations of all scheduled panels throughout the duration of the convention. The responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the Panels Head in vetting all panel applications for content
  • Assisting the Panels Head to create a conflict free Panel Schedule
  • Facilitating any requests for equipment from Panelists
  • Badge checking any 18+ Panels
  • Ensuring panels start and end in a timely manner and do not exceed room capacity

The Panels Attendant will report to the Panels Head.


The Volunteerism Assistant will work with the Volunteerism Head to make the volunteering process at ANE a smooth one. The responsibilities of the Volunteerism Assistant include:

  • Assisting the Volunteerism Head in vetting all volunteer applications
  • Assisting the Volunteerism Head in creating a schedule of shifts that will provide coverage for all of ANE's needs
  • Checking in and out volunteers from their shifts

The Volunteerism Assistant will report to the Volunteerism Head.

Dealers Den

The duties of the Dealers Den Assistant will primarily occur during the convention weekend. This position is labor intensive and would require the applicant to be physically fit and able to assist Dealers with setup and teardown as requested. Throughout the year, the Dealers Den Assistant would also be responsible for working with the Dealers Den Head to review Dealers applications and develop a schedule. The Dealers Den Assistant will report to the Dealers Den Head.


The Registration Attendant will work with the Registration Head to ensure a pleasant and fast registration experience for our guests. Due to the very consumer facing nature of this position, the Registration Attendant applicant must have very good customer service and cash handling skills. A background check may be requested due to the handling of sensitive customer data. The responsibilities of the Registration Attendant include:

  • Assisting in the setup and teardown of the Reg Room
  • Running a Registration terminal
  • Accepting cash and credit payments
  • Line management
  • Assisting guests through the registration process as necessary
  • Assisting the Registration Head in brainstorming for Sponsor gift ideas

The Registration Attendant will report to the Registration Head.

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