Anthro New England should be fun for everyone, and safety is the first step to a great convention.

We need compassionate people to help with that goal.


Position descriptions:

Safety and Security Head:

The Safety and Security Head’s main responsibility is to provide a safe and welcoming environment at ANE.

The SSH must be able to commit to attending the convention and being readily available for the duration of the event unless an emergency prevents this from happening. The SSH can expect to be on call 24hrs a day from the beginning of the con until the end of the con. In addition, the SSH will be working on the floor from 9am-2am and be ready to respond to any emergency in “off duty hours”.

The SSH is responsible for maintaining and upholding the ANE Code of Conduct during the convention. Should a breach of CoC occur, the SSH is responsible for handling any infractions and determining any action ANE must take. The SSH must maintain and own the physical convention property. This includes the transport and storage of all property at the storage location of ANE's choosing. The SSH must maintain the convention's FCC Radio License for all of the convention's radio usage.

Reporting Structure

The Safety and Security Head reports to the Chairperson.


The Safety and Security Head is a Core Staff position, which requires approval from the Board of Directors to staff. The remainder of the Security Team shall be vetted and selected by the SSH from the pool of applicants

Extra Costs/Entitlements

The Safety and Security Coordinator is entitled to a staff room in the hotel, a seat at the SuperSponsor dinner, and an email address.


  • Encouraged to have prior security experience staffing conventions
  • Prior experience in public service (Security Company, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Dept) strongly encouraged
  • Possess good organizational skills
  • Possess the ability to make a working and fluid schedule
  • Possess leadership skills and have experience in a leadership position
  • Have crowd control certifications or be willing to take the necessary courses

Safety and Security Team Member:

What does the Safety and Security team do?

You will be interacting with attendees, ensuring they are having a great time at Anthro New England. The Safety and Security Team often resolves conflicts, offers guidance, and helps guests.

Is Safety and Security right for me?

Folks on the Safety and Security team put compassion and caring above all else. Kindness, good judgment, and patience are essential characteristics for everyone on this team. If this sounds like you, let us know.

What do I get as a reward for being on the Safety and Security Team?

From free meals to free registration, being on the Safety and Security team at Anthro New England has a lot of perks. The specifics are below in our guidelines.

Safety and Security Team Guidelines

We want every attendee to be comfortable at Anthro New England, and that starts with creating a safe environment for all. These guidelines apply to the Safety and Security staff that make this possible.


Safety and Security Team Essentials

  • Safety and Security Team members help for 24 hours, spread throughout the convention
  • You will know your role and responsibilities in advance
  • You will know your schedule in advance

Once your Safety and Security Application is submitted, we’ll reach out to speak with you further. The safety of our attendees is incredibly important, so we interview each member of our Safety and Security team.

We know working on the Safety and Security team can be a demanding job, but we want you to love Anthro New England. Before the convention, we’ll work with you to schedule shifts. You’ll know exactly when you’ll be helping and when you’ll be free, so you can still have fun with friends.

Generally, shifts are scheduled in 8 hour blocks. You can expect your shifts to be scheduled sometime during the following times:

  • Thursday, Feb 21 — 4:00PM - 2:00AM
  • Friday, Feb 22 — 9:00AM - 2:00AM
  • Saturday, Feb 23 — 9:00AM - 2:00AM
  • Sunday, Feb 24 — 9:00AM - 7:00PM


We love to reward the members of the Safety and Security Team. For every 8 hour shift you volunteer, you’ll get two meals on the house. Work 24 hours and we’ll give you some sweet swag - including a convention shirt and free registration to the convention.

Think you’re the right person for the Safety and Security Team?

Take two minutes and fill out our Safety and Security Application. We would love to speak with you.


Safety and Security Team Application

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