[Furiety show submissions are now closed. We'll see you at the show!]

Anthro New England FURiety Show


What is the Anthro New England FURiety Show?

The ANE FURiety Show is designed to provide amateur and professional costumers, non costumers and visual artists a showcase in which to demonstrate creative performance and presentation skills. The FURiety Show is the prime location to express yourself through these particular talents by providing entertainment for the ANE attendees.

Can I perform in the FURiety Show without a costume?

Yes! Performers are encouraged to present and put forward a practiced and rehearsed skit, song, dance, or hidden talent. You do not need a costume in order to qualify.

Will there be a rehearsal?

There is a MANDATORY rehearsal for all FURiety Show participants before the event. The time and location will be announced as the convention draws closer. During the rehearsal, each participant or group must provide a description and a demonstration of their performance or presentation. This is to review acts for content, verify that there is an act to be performed, arrange the performances in an order previous to show time, and as a practice run for the participants. This rehearsal will be closed to the convention attendees, so participants need not worry about surprise costumes or acts being spoiled. If a participant cannot participate in the rehearsal for whatever reason, they must notify the FURiety Show Head (Karma Coon) in advance. A performance that is not reviewed before the The FURiety Show will not be allowed to participate.

What is the FURiety Show rated?

The FURiety Show must be PG rated in nature. Performances above that rating are only allowed upon approval from the event head. Simulation or physical suggestion of sexual acts, extreme violence, and/or deviation from the performance rehearsed in order to breach the event's rating is not permitted. Performers may choose to interact with the audience during the FURiety Show with prior permission and review by the event head. If you are not sure, please ask the event head prior to the show.

Will there be people to assist me during the FURiety Show?

There will be a volunteer backstage to assist with getting fursuiters on and off stage and making sure performers are hydrated and ready to go.

In addition, all costumers may request to have at least one "spot" during the FURiety Show , including the setup and rehersal. A "spot" is a person who helps guide, protect, and assist the costumer to avoid injury or damage. The FURiety Show will also have volunteers who will be able to provide additional help if necessary. It is possible ANE will request those chosen spotters to remain in the audience during show time due to back stage space limitations.

Who is the MC for the FURiety Show?

The FURiety Show will be hosted by, but not necessarily limited to the following: The most beautiful mermaid that has ever been fished out of the Charles River, a cabana boy, a horrible laugh track, a box of baby raccoons, a pirate, or maybe even some random hotel employee if we’re feeling cheeky enough to make them do it for us.


The FURiety Show is a talent show-style event where performers can show off their performance and visual media skills for the convention attendees. This is not a competition; the ANE FURiety Show is not a judged event, and there are no awards or prizes.

In all performances, costumes are highly encouraged but not mandatory.

For this event, "costume" is defined as wearing a significantly anthropomorphic disguise.

Each performer is required to have an act or skit to perform.

This includes but is not limited to dancing, magic tricks, juggling, yodeling, contortion, stand-up comedy, sit-down comedy, ventriloquism, and beat poetry readings. Musical instrument performances may include but are not limited to piano, guitar, triangle, hammer dulcimer, digeridoo, mandolin, and ukulele. Creativity and originality is strongly encouraged.

All content must be rated G or PG.

PG-13 acts are generally discouraged and subject to event head review. R-rated acts are not allowed. Performances may not include excessive violence or sexual situations inappropriate for a general audience.

All performances in the FURiety Show must be no longer than a maximum of 5 minutes in length without approval by the event director.

Ideally the run time should fall between the average 3 to 4 minutes range. Keep this timing heavily in mind especially with longer vocal songs or musical instrument performances that may have significant “solo” interludes. (I’m looking at YOU Hamilton Pennywise!!)

Memorial performances are discouraged.

While we sympathize with those who are grieving, performances or presentations intended as memorials tend to darken the mood of the event.

Each performer will be permitted one act featuring themselves or a specific group.

Second acts featuring the same performer or a similar large group are only allowed with permission from the event head.

At this time, the ANE FURiety Show does not currently tend to use visual media within acts or as an individual video viewing experience as part of the show at large.

However, if you wish to put a video performance forward for consideration, such visual media presentations are highly encouraged to involve at least one animal/anthro-related character or at the very least, anthro-content.

All costumed and non-costumed talent participating in the performance must arrive one hour before the event is set to begin.

This is to provide advance time to work out last minute bugs and other unexpected complications as well as a final review to provide a flawless show.

If a performer is not present thirty minutes before the FURiety Show, their performance may be cut from the show.

For safety reasons, costumers and non costumers are not generally encouraged to interact with the attendees by going offstage or bringing anyone from the audience onstage during the performance unless this is approved beforehand by the event head in rehearsal as part of the performance.

No liquids, particles, foam or otherwise messy props may be used in a performance.

Items cannot be thrown into the audience (again, for safety purposes).

Performance content that involves political statements or are politically-oriented or politically-motivated (fandom or otherwise) are not permissible.

The performance order is decided after rehearsal, at which point it cannot (WILL NOT) be changed.

All participants must attend a MANDATORY closed rehearsal.

During the rehearsal, performances will be practiced, reviewed, organized, and visual media will be previewed. Any costumer, non costumer, whether individual or group who are unable to attend and participate in the rehearsal must notify the event head beforehand and an alternate rehearsal may be provided for that person if available. If a performer/group does not attend the rehearsal and does not provide notification, we cannot allow that act to take part in the FURiety Show.

Rehearsal order is often first order/first served as sign-up on the list goes. This order will definitely NOT be the final order for show time.

All participants in the rehearsal are highly encouraged to rehearse using the costumes and accessories that they will be wearing and utilizing during the FURiety Show itself.

All casting in each performance must be finalized by the rehearsal.

Any performance that deviates from the prior rehearsal to circumvent the rules without permission from the event head risks immediate removal from the performance and exclusion from future ANE FURiety Show related events.

All costumers for the performance are required to remain "backstage" during the event if they are not currently performing.

This is to avoid any costumer's difficulty navigating in the crowd during the event.

Due to licensing laws, visual presentations cannot include licensed music.

The only exception is if the participant either can prove they have obtained a synchronization license directly from the publisher, are using music that they themselves recorded, or are using public domain material (published prior to 1922).

Audio and Visual media should follow these requirements:

CD Audio: One track CDs are preferred

PC Audio: MP3/WAV

Video: DVD

PC Video: QT, WMV, divx, xvid

All submissions are encouraged to be sent PRIOR to the convention weekend to the audio visual team but follow below and bring your own backup.

Media: For PC files please bring a flash drive and CD version for the best results. If one format is not available the other option may work instead. Please avoid DVD-Roms for anything other than DVD-Video.

All audio must be presented on a standard audio CD, playable on a standard CD player. If possible, please burn your audio onto a blank CD as a single track. Audio presented on a flash drive can also potentially be accommodated based on the available formats that the ANE A/V team cano work with.

The FURiety Show head reserves the right to refuse a performance or act for any reason. If you have any concern about the appropriateness of your act or your costume, please ask.

If you have any further questions, please email: furiety@anthronewengland.com