Please read the following rules carefully

And fill out the form at the bottom of the page

Here you can submit a 30 to 60 minute demo set to be considered for a DJ slot at the Anthro New England 2018 dances.

Your demo set should:

  • Showcase what type of music you’d play at Anthro New England
  • Not be the actual set you want to play at the convention dances
  • Be PG-13 or tamer so all audiences can enjoy the dances

To be considered, the link to your set needs to be active until the end of January 2018. We recommend using an online service that can host your music for quite some time.

Once the demo set deadline closes we will be picking who will be spinning at the convention. DJs will be placed in order based on what we believe will be the best flow and will provide the best experience for the attendees.

Best of luck and we look forward to hearing your mixes!

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If you have any questions, please email