Dealers' Den

It’s that time again friends!_ANE 2019 Dealer’s Den submissions are now open, and will close on 7/29/18 at midnight EST. This year’s Dealers Den participants will be chosen through a juried selection process. Dealers will be notified if they have been chosen two weeks after submissions close, on 8/12/18.

All fees (table cost and registration fee) will be collected once dealers have been chosen. A half table costs $40 and a full table costs $70. Registration is not included in the cost of purchasing a dealer’s table. Registration prices will be the same as last year, $50 for attending, $100 for sponsor and $200 for supersponsor. All dealers will be required to pre-register for the convention when purchasing their table.

Please Note:

If a correct Mass State Tax ID is NOT provided in your application it will NOT be accepted. Please see the Dealer’s Den Packet here: for more detailed Dealer’s Den information. Please see more detailed instructions on obtaining a Mass State Tax ID here

[Dealers Den signups are closed]

Artists' Alley

No Artist Alley signup information is available at this time. Watch this space (or our Twitter) for the latest news!

Dealer and Artist Guidelines

Dealers and artists have two main options for vending at Anthro New England 2019. Review the following information to decide which path is the best for you.

Dealer's Den
If you choose to vend in the Dealer's Den...

  • You will have an assigned space that is guaranteed for all of Anthro New England 2019.
  • Your artist or business name will be listed on the Anthro New England 2019 Dealer's Map.
  • You can advertise to your customers where you will be located well in advance.
  • You can set up displays up to 8' tall within your table space.
  • You must have a valid tax ID

You must purchase your Dealer's Den table in advance through the registration process above. Each table is 72" by 30".


Artists' Alley
If you are interested in a casual space to sell your artwork, the Artists Alley is might be for you! In the Artists Alley we’d like to emphasize 2D art, and will not be accepting applications for merchandise sales.

If you are chosen by lottery to vend in the Artists' Alley...

  • You will have a free half table (36"X30") for your assigned day(s) at Anthro New England 2019.
  • You can advertise to your customers where you will be located once you claim a table for that day.
  • You cannot set up displays beyond your table surface.
  • You must give up your table if you need to leave for more than 30 minutes.

Artists’ Alley tables will be assigned at random through a lottery, mostly Online in the time leading up to the convention, and some space will be available via On-Site lottery at the convention as well. The Online lottery will be held at a predetermined time that will be announced in tandem with the signup form.

Those that win the Online lottery will be emailed to confirm their space in the lottery from the email below (please consider white-listing this email so that you receive the notification). There will be a few spaces reserved for On-Site lottery, and a wait-list for those that apply for the lottery and are not given seats so that when a seat is vacated they will be contacted (usually by text message). The On-Site lottery will be held in the hour before the Artists Alley opens each morning.

To apply for the Artists' Alley, fill out the form on this page (once it is posted). Your information will be added to the pool of applicants, and will be entered into the table lottery for each day of the convention. You will be contacted before Anthro New England 2019 if your name is selected for a table, or is placed on the stand-by list, for any given day.

Information about vending in Massachusetts can be found in the ANE Massachusetts Registration Guide.

Massachusetts Tax ID’s are required to take a seat in the Artists Alley.

If you do not have a Tax ID you will be refused a seat in the Artists Alley, regardless if you apply for the Online lottery or if you win the On-Site lottery. If you do not have a Tax ID you can get one in a few minutes by following the “ANE Sales Tax Info” button below.

The Artists Alley will be open a half hour later than the Dealers Den, and close half an hour before the Dealers Den closes. Set up for the Artists Alley will be in the hour before the Alley opens, the same amount of time for the daily On-Site lottery to happen. Winners for each day as well as those on the wait list (in order) will be posted outside of the Artists Alley.

The Artists Alley is geared towards Artwork, and it’s Anthro New England’s goal to keep the content in the Artists Alley to artwork, subject to a bit of discretion. There are also additional limitations on material any vendor can sell in Massachusetts that you can review in the “ANE Dealer Packet” link below.

Each half table (36”x30”) also has the following restrictions: You are expected to take your own payments, and do your own taxes for those payments. There will be no power, regardless of the availability of outlets. You can only bring what you yourself can carry, meaning that you should not plan to bring materials/displays/etc. that are beyond your reasonable carrying capacity. No displays exceeding 14” vertical from the table surface. No content or displays on the floor in front of your table (banners hanging off of your table surface are acceptable). Limited storage space behind and underneath the table, there must be a clear walking path behind you and other artists. Other guidelines to vendors can be seen in the “ANE Dealer Packet” link below.

If you have any questions regarding the Artists Alley, please contact: